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The Iota is the world's smallest GPS tracking device. Install a Home Base in your home, and track your Iotas for up to 4 miles.

Home Base


Home Bases have a range of 1 to 4 miles
Iota's rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 months on a single charge
Iotas are tiny! 43 mm x 22 mm x 11 mm

How Iota works


Install a Home Base in your home


Configure your Iotas


Attach Iotas to pets, kids, bikes, and more


Monitor location and other data in real time

Your Home Base is part of a limitless community network

Each Iota can leverage the connectivity of any nearby Home Base, each of which has a 1 - 4 mile radius. Become part of this pioneering network. Power to the people.

With only 10 Home Bases, a city the size of San Francisco can be completely covered

The Iota is much more than just a GPS tracker


Keep your possessions in an optimal climate using Iota's temperature sensor.


Detect the moment that an Iota goes into motion with Iota's accelerometer.

Audio Alert

Use Iota's audio feature to alert you of an event, or just to locate your Iota.

The possibilities are endless

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Iota waterproof?

Yes, even if the Iota is completely submerged in water it will cause no adverse effects.

How does the range from the Iota to the Home Base vary in different environments?

The range will be smaller in heavily built up environments like downtowns of large cities and larger in more rural area. In our tests, we typically experience a range of 2-4 miles in more suburban areas like San Jose and a range of 1-2 miles in more urban areas like downtown San Francisco.

How will the Iota battery life vary for different use cases?

For on-demand location applications where you are searching for the lost item infrequently (less than once per day) you should see a battery life of 3-4 months. The number of location updates before needing to recharge is approximately 800. So if you were to check the location every 10 minutes continuously during the day, you would have to recharge the battery after about 11 days.

Is the radiation from the Iota harmful?

The radiation from an Iota is around 100x less than a smartphone.

Are my Iota locations private and secure?

Yes, the Iota location is encrypted using highly secure AES encryption and kept completely confidential.

If only 10 Home Bases are needed to cover an entire city, is there an advantage to having more Home Bases than are necessary in a city?

The Iotas will actually achieve a better battery life if there are more Home Bases around. This is because the Iota transmits with less power the closer it is to a Home Base.

What prevents someone from stealing an Iota in plain sight?

Once an Iota is linked to your user account, it can't be used on the Home Base network unless you release it from your account. This makes the Iota of very little value to a thief. Additionally, an alert can be sent to your smartphone if the Iota is tampered with.

How much of my WiFi bandwidth will the Home Base use?

The Home Base uses less than 5Kbps of bandwidth to send data to our servers. For a 1Mbps uplink, that is less than 0.5% of your total bandwidth. This will not have a noticeable effect.